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Frequently Asked Questions

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Popular Quesitons

How do I book through the Internet?

What kind of setting should we set up to browse the official website?

How to contact us?

About Booking

Prepration before booking

What kind of fare types do we have?

Can I buy a ticket without specifying a flight date?

Can I buy an open jaw tickect?

Can I only buy a child ticket?

How to make a booking if passenger type is not consistent between round trip?

About Payment

Pay by credit card

Pay by voucher

Pay by cash

Payment failure

About Itinerary

Send and check the itinerary

Change Booking

Change flight

Name changing/correction

Change Meals/Luggage Quota/Seat

Cancellation of itinerary

About Baggage

Regulations of carry-on baggage

Regulations of checked baggage

Guidelines For Carry-on Luggage

Guidelines For Special Consigned Carriage

Baggage recovery

Special Request

Travel with an infant

Travel with a child


Passengers as pregnant women

Carriage of medical facilities (armarium)

Disabled passenger

Need Extra Seats

Flight Status

How do I check the flight status?

How can I get information about schedule changes?

How can I apply for a Flight Delay / Cancellation Certificate?

What kind of assistance may be provided when a flight is rescheduled?